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High Quality Grow Lights from Growblu

Growblu is an LED grow light manufacturer that supplies high quality LED growing lights. We are diligent in our approach to gardening in style with premium lights that provide phenomenal grow results. Our LED grow lamps are fitted with the finest spectrums and IDS integrated technology, to deliver powerful results that will exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Every lighting product that we offer is tested by independent facilities, to ensure that we offer premium lighting designs that will enhance vegetative growth to yield real results. We provide LED grow lights for all types of growing needs, including horticulture, tent growing, and even small greenhouses. If you want to buy LED grow lights, then look no further than Growblu. Our LED plant grow lights are superior to the products that are offered by other LED grow light suppliers.

LED Grow Light Destection System

Why Choose Growblu for Your Lighting Needs?

When you choose Growblu as your LED grow light company of choice, you can expect quality products, great prices, and excellent customer service. Our LED horticulture lights are built with high quality standards in mind, and they last for years. Don’t settle for poorly designed cheap LED grow lights, when you can have the best grow lights on the market from Growblu. We have an excellent reputation in the industry.

Apollo LED Grow Light Magnifying Lenses

Some of the Grow Lights That We Offer

  • Phantom Lights
  • Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • Vegetable Spectrum Lights
  • Super UFO Lights
  • 144W Super UFO Grow Lights
  • 60x3W Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • 150W Full Spectrum Lights

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Contact us today if you want an LED grow light supplier that will care for all of your lighting needs. We can provide assistance in choosing your lights, or we will be pleased to answer any general inquiries that you may have.

The Perfect Spectrum
LED Aquarium Grow Light
Photosynthesis is the process by which plants capture energy from light to produce their food and build their tissues. Not all light is equal, however. Certain wavelengths and colors are crucial for this process
Why Buy From Us?
Buy LED Grow Lights
Odds are you have visited plenty of forums and led light sites online and noticed that there are a TON of grow lights and LED aquarium lights to choose from. Many of these led lights tend to “look” the same however
LED Growing Lights
Most of the LED grow lights you see online should be considered a scam in our book. These so called grow light companies offer inferior led grow panels for unbelievable prices and
LED Horticulture Lights
Every Blu LED horticulture lights comes with a 3 year protection plan that covers parts, labor, shipping and in some cases free light replacement. Repairs or replacement will be made at no charge

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